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Slowing Building Up The Mileage

I’ve slowly built up my mileage to 16 miles a week by now.  I still have a ways to go before hitting my baseline weekly mileage, which is 25 miles.  Every time the achilles starts to hurt, I scale back. … Continue reading

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Governmental Efficiency

Spent HALF the day at DMV getting my CA driver’s license, car title/registration, and CA license plate.  I don’t remember spending that much time at the DMV in AZ.  In their defense, the ‘demand’ side outstripped the ‘supply’ side.  I … Continue reading

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A Stress-Free Life

It hasn’t even been 6 months and we’ve already met up with one of J’s college friends, and one of mine is coming to visit in a few months.  When we were living in AZ, no one wanted to come … Continue reading

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We Saw Kobe

As in Kobe Bryant.  I met up with J for lunch at Nordstrom Cafe Bistro across the street from his workplace.  As our meal was wrapping up, I noticed J staring at ‘something’ behind me. Me: What are you looking … Continue reading

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Settling In

J & I are slowly settling in to our new place.  Got my Newport Beach library card and, over the weekend, J put the ‘ghetto’ barbecue grill together.  It took 2 ‘bright’ minds, a failed google search on ‘how to … Continue reading

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What Part Of ‘STOP’ Do You Not Understand?

With a month off between jobs I finally have the luxury of doing absolutely nothing for a change.  I have not had this much time off since graduating med school.  Too bad J’s putting in 10 hours a day, otherwise … Continue reading

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The Toothless Millionaire

Orange County is either dripping in gold or there’s just a high concentration of wannabes.  Everywhere you look are BMWs, Mercedes, and Porches with a sprinkle of Ferraris, Bentleys, and Maseratis.  Coming from Tucson, the land of Fords and Toyotas, … Continue reading

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