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Goats Hi-Def

Here are the Laguna Beach goats in hi-def (i.e., new camera)…

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First Pictures

Got my camera yesterday!  These are the first pictures I’ve taken with the new camera. The 55-300mm lens allows me to shoot from a distance and still capture the details.  There’s no way the point-n-shoot can zoom in that close.

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Pulled The Trigger

The most dangerous thing for me to have is J’s Costco’s Amex card…when he’s not around.  I love Costco, and I most certainly love a great deal.  Remember my recent obsession with photography and getting a real camera?  Well, it’s … Continue reading

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Still Hanging Around

The goats are still here.  They’ve just been moved from one patch of the park to another.

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Goat Patrol

Laguna Beach City employs goats to clear the dry brush in an attempt to minimize wildfire risk.  When we bought our home our realtor told us about the goats roaming behind our house, and later on our neighbors told us … Continue reading

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Photo Blog

I will be posting to the new photo blog more frequently than on this site (it’s easier to post photos than try to come up with something to write), so for my 3 ‘regulars’ (you know who you are) check … Continue reading

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New Hobby

Found my new hobby, and I believe this is it.  Sure I’ve had several hobbies in the past that have fallen by the wayside (e.g., scuba diving), but I’ve had legitimate reasons to abandon them (e.g., fear of the unknown … Continue reading

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