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Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Sharing my life with my husband is a beautiful thing, 99.99% of the time.  There is that 0.01% I wish I didn’t have to share – one side of our bedroom. There’s an armoire in the center that divides the space, and we each have one … Continue reading

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Stamp of Approval

A trip is always followed by the yearly Ikea pilgrimage to find a frame for paintings I bought as my souvenir.  This year, I bought a pastel watercolor in Porto from a lone artist along the Douro River.  To complement the … Continue reading

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Cheap Date

Went to Nordstrom Rack with J today to return something I had ordered online.   Clerk: If you shop online why don’t you apply for a Nordstrom card? Me: Oh, I don’t shop that much. J: That’s why I love … Continue reading

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The longer one’s been married, the more banter replaces lovey-dovey compliments: Me (with my notorious hypothetical questions): Would you still love me if I were deaf and blind? J: I would love you more if you were mute. The lunar … Continue reading

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How Did I Get Here?

This week is the week when I anxiously wait for my acceptance email informing me of my entrance into the Boston Marathon.  This got me thinking, ‘how did I get here?’ As a child growing up in a super non-athletic … Continue reading

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By-The-Wind Sailors

Summer is winding down, the crowd in LB is thinning, and J&I decided to venture down to the beach for the 3rd time this year.  We got to don our newly purchased swimsuits before the season is over. J’s not … Continue reading

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How Old Is The Dog?

Ever since I got my new car, J’s been driving the Yaris to and from work.  Seriously, what other husband would make that kind of sacrifice for his wife?  If you’ve never been in a Yaris, you’re not missing much; … Continue reading

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