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Running On The Beach

I’m not referring to running on the running path along side the beach, I’m referring to actual running on packed sand during low tide.  During our stay at the Bacara Resort we were at a loss as to how to … Continue reading

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Next Place To Live

J & I may have found our place to retire – Santa Barbara.  J’s still leaning towards Cafayate, but I just can’t imagine living in a place that doesn’t have a Costco (Santa Barbara doesn’t have one, but the next … Continue reading

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Morro Bay

One physician once said, ‘It’s all about managing expectations’, referring to how to address patients’ concerns and their expectations, and since then it’s become my favorite motto.  Often the higher the expectation, the greater the disappointment; and when you have … Continue reading

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SLO Loves Me

We read somewhere that San Luis Obispo is the happiest place in the US, so we had to check it out ourselves.  Cal Poly is based here so you get a very young vibe while walking through town.  There’s also … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving In Denmark

J’s not a turkey fan at all, so we hardly ever spend Thanksgiving at home preparing a turkey dinner.  The last time we stayed home for Thanksgiving was 2006 when I insisted that he roast the 15-lb turkey I got … Continue reading

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Simplify Things

Dropped my phone into a pan full of water a few days ago.  Thought it’d be OK since I had fetched it out immediately.  The phone was still functioning for 2 days and then it just died.  If I had … Continue reading

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Learning To Cook

Running 20+ miles a week, and I can’t lose weight is a shame.  I can’t really blame it on menopause since I’m really not there yet (I’m not even perimenopausal).  So I’m finally admitting that it’s my diet.  I eat … Continue reading

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Geeky Is Sexy

J’s recently been offered a VP position in the company, and he was explaining to me why he was tapped.  One of them is his ability to bang out codes that no one else can. J: They’ll email each other … Continue reading

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The World Is Not Your Trash Can

OK, these guys are seriously guilty of littering the world with their DNA.  Twenty!? Really!?  Give that uterus a rest will ya!

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Getting Soft

Years of living in the Southwest, and now the West coast, has made us soft.  We’ve shed that ‘Northeast’ layer, and any temperature under 60 is now considered ‘freezing’.  I am wearing my winter coat when walking the dogs in … Continue reading

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