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Chinese Men Need Not Apply

The Chinese Olympic Team does not really need male competitors as the women basically carried the team this year, with the women winning 8 of the 9 medals (excluding pairs skating).  It’s been terribly frustrating watching the Chinese men compete … Continue reading

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Dad Was Right

When he said, “生女兒比生兒子好” (it’s better to have daughters than to have sons).  The Chinese Olympics team has born out that claim.  Just look at all the Chinese medal winners.  After you exclude the pair skaters, 6 out of the … Continue reading

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SD Marathon Course Revealed

It’s about time.  It’s only what, 3 months before the marathon?  I had just checked the website this morning and was getting a little frustrated that the course had not been finalized. Well, here’s the long awaited SD marathon course … Continue reading

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It’s All About The Gold…

Have been neglecting the blog because I’ve been too busy keeping up with the Olympics.  Not only have I been neglecting the blog, I’ve also managed to neglect my Kdrama, the dogs, and the husband.During every Olympics I pay close … Continue reading

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You Want Cocky?

Wang Meng is the consistent 24 year-old short track skater from China.  She is essentially in a league of her own.  Like someone said, “There’s Wang Meng, and then there’s everyone else.”  No one in the world has topped her … Continue reading

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Pairs Figure Skating

So I’ve been following the pairs figure skating at the Olympics.  One of the Chinese couples, who are also married to each other, recently came out of retirement in an attempt to grab Olympic gold.  By the looks of it, … Continue reading

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Like Fine Wine

I’ve married a narcissist.  J works out rather religiously, and so the results are pretty apparent.  As he was checking himself in the bathroom mirror yesterday, he was so impressed that he said, “I’m like fine wine…gets better with age.” … Continue reading

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