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Training Program

Just received my personalized training program from Greg McMillan Co.  Can’t wait to print it out at work tomorrow. Training starts 12/1/2014. Excited but also anxious.

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Long Beach 1/2 is 2 weeks away, and I’ve missed 8 runs already.  At this point, I’m debating whether to even bother with the race.  Half marathons just don’t hold the same appeal, and I simply lack the motivation and dedication … Continue reading

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Final Cutoff

BAA finally announced the cutoff today.  It was BQ -1:02.  In other words one would have to run a minute and 2 seconds faster that his/her respective Boston qualifying time.  I was surprised because I really thought it would be … Continue reading

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So I was wrong about everyone with a BQ getting into the 2015 race.  Registration just closed for this week, and they will not re-open.  What this means is that they’ve received more applicants than the field can accommodate.  Now … Continue reading

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How Did I Get Here?

This week is the week when I anxiously wait for my acceptance email informing me of my entrance into the Boston Marathon.  This got me thinking, ‘how did I get here?’ As a child growing up in a super non-athletic … Continue reading

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Can’t come soon enough.  Tomorrow is registration for Boston, and I’ve got ants in my pants.  I can’t focus on anything else.  I’m pacing around the house like a caged lion.  Normally I’d be running off the excess energy and … Continue reading

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One More Week

Registration for Boston will be in a week.  Spoke to mom a few nights ago: Mom: If you don’t get in then you’ll have to come to Taiwan next year. Me: I know, but chances are I’ll be running.  So … Continue reading

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Avocado Plant

I love avocados, and luckily they are omnipresent in southern california.  I thought it would be even better if I have my own avocado tree.  I tried growing one last year, but the seeds never germinated after several weeks, so … Continue reading

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