Governmental Efficiency

Spent HALF the day at DMV getting my CA driver’s license, car title/registration, and CA license plate.  I don’t remember spending that much time at the DMV in AZ.  In their defense, the ‘demand’ side outstripped the ‘supply’ side.  I noticed one clerk fastidiously chipping away at the volume, but how can you meet the demands of the CA state population when the workforce has been pared down to its bare bones?

J & I both barely passed the written test, granted we both barely studied.

Clerk {to J}: I see you didn’t study the [driver license hand]book.

J: What book?

So we are now officially CA state residents…


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4 Responses to Governmental Efficiency

  1. Juin says:

    cool license plate. I hope you’re going to keep it.

  2. me says:

    why is my brother so smart?

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