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No Man Left Behind

The Powerball jackpot is now $600 million.  J’s office has a pool, and everyone’s been paying into it whether they really want to or not.  Of course J’s been contributing as he doesn’t want to be left behind in case … Continue reading

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Purpose In Life

Mike’s recent passing at such a young age made a few of us ponder about our own.  Not so much when our time will be up, but more how we plan on living our own lives. Annie: Does this change … Continue reading

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Lethal Combination

For the past 2 months I’ve been putting in 10-hour workdays.  However, I do get thursday afternoons as my ‘administrative time’, and since I’m so efficient at getting things done, I essentially have the afternoon off.  J’s been working longer … Continue reading

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I Passed!

I’m good for the next 10 years.  My official retirement date is 12/31/2021.  ABIM, you can kiss my BIG FAT DONKEY because you are of no use to me anymore, as this is my last time re-certifying.  I refuse to … Continue reading

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Party Time!

Just finished my re-cert exam, and don’t ask me how it went because I’m just glad it’s O-V-A OVA!  Regardless of the outcome, it’s time to paaaarrrrttttyyy!  J&I are going to Flemings for steak and wine tonight, and then I’m … Continue reading

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With all the free time these days I’ve been catching up on the kdramas and some reading.  Finally finished Ken Follet’s Fall of Giants and wondered where I was during World History in high school?  Did I even take World … Continue reading

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The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Aside from J, is control-top pantyhose.  For the past week I’ve been trying to stick to my liquid diet with very minimal results.  Suit pants were still snug in places where they weren’t a few years ago, but as soon … Continue reading

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Liquid Diet

The last time I’ve successfully dieted was back in med school when I got myself looking gaunt and pale.  Since then, I’ve only entertained the idea of dieting on several occasions.  This time around though I am determined to stick … Continue reading

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So I’ve ‘verbally’ submitted my 90-day notice to admin, which means my last day of work here in Tucson will be the end of April.  I’m excited to move, but am in no rush to find another position in CA. … Continue reading

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Retirement Career

Just the other day I was talking about changing careers, and today I come across this article on CNN about finding a retirement career that you’ll love.  What ‘coinkidink’!  J and I were talking about my decision during our morning … Continue reading

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