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No Man Left Behind

The Powerball jackpot is now $600 million.  J’s office has a pool, and everyone’s been paying into it whether they really want to or not.  Of course J’s been contributing as he doesn’t want to be left behind in case … Continue reading

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Purpose In Life

Mike’s recent passing at such a young age made a few of us ponder about our own.  Not so much when our time will be up, but more how we plan on living our own lives. Annie: Does this change … Continue reading

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Lethal Combination

For the past 2 months I’ve been putting in 10-hour workdays.  However, I do get thursday afternoons as my ‘administrative time’, and since I’m so efficient at getting things done, I essentially have the afternoon off.  J’s been working longer … Continue reading

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I Passed!

I’m good for the next 10 years.  My official retirement date is 12/31/2021.  ABIM, you can kiss my BIG FAT DONKEY because you are of no use to me anymore, as this is my last time re-certifying.  I refuse to … Continue reading

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Party Time!

Just finished my re-cert exam, and don’t ask me how it went because I’m just glad it’s O-V-A OVA!  Regardless of the outcome, it’s time to paaaarrrrttttyyy!  J&I are going to Flemings for steak and wine tonight, and then I’m … Continue reading

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With all the free time these days I’ve been catching up on the kdramas and some reading.  Finally finished Ken Follet’s Fall of Giants and wondered where I was during World History in high school?  Did I even take World … Continue reading

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The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Aside from J, is control-top pantyhose.  For the past week I’ve been trying to stick to my liquid diet with very minimal results.  Suit pants were still snug in places where they weren’t a few years ago, but as soon … Continue reading

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