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The Toothless Millionaire

Orange County is either dripping in gold or there’s just a high concentration of wannabes.  Everywhere you look are BMWs, Mercedes, and Porches with a sprinkle of Ferraris, Bentleys, and Maseratis.  Coming from Tucson, the land of Fords and Toyotas, … Continue reading

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I came up with a brilliant, albeit not original, idea just now. Me: I was thinking, instead of buying Costco chicken every week I’ll use that money to buy Costco stocks. J: What are you going to eat then?  The … Continue reading

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Retail Therapy

So what’s the cure for post-vacation depression?  Shopping of course.  Retail therapy works like a charm.  Now I’m about 90% back to baseline.  So what did I (we) get? Tada… On the lot, facing NE Vineyard at the rear of … Continue reading

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Wants Vs. Needs

Came across this blog on “Bought a tv on credit”.  This lady explains how she needs to leave her boyfriend but can’t because of the lack of funds, and also worries about not having enough money to buy her kids’ … Continue reading

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Running In The Dark…and The Greenback Is Falling!

Now that fall is finally here, the temperature has dropped to a comfortable level in AZ.  This is obviously great news in terms of running, however, along with the mild weather comes shorter days, which in turn makes morning runs … Continue reading

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US Protectionism

Read a disturbing article on Bloomberg today about Obama imposing 35% tariff on Chinese import tires, because we have to ‘protect’ the US tire manufacturers.  This kind of protectionism will only hurt the consumers, because we longer have the option … Continue reading

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Children Economics

J and I made a conscious decision not to have children for various reasons.  One of the biggest reasons is because we didn’t want to be ‘tethered’ to an anchor.  Call it a lack of maturity or sense of responsibility, … Continue reading

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