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What Sisters Are For…

They’re for a lot of things, but one of them is to save you from another ‘tofu’ dinner. Sure it was my birthday, and it’s really No. Big. Deal, but I would at least expect to hear a ‘Happy Birthday’ … Continue reading

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Traveling Light

When you have had a number of international travels under your belt, you soon realize that the most important thing about travel is TRAVEL LIGHT.  On our most recent trip to Bora Bora, we saw everyone with at least one … Continue reading

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Dog On Prozac

With Truff’s behavioral problems and aggression, we finally broke down and put him on Prozac.  It was either him or me.  Hopefully, there will be less barking, fear biting & peeing on his part, and overall decrease in ‘psychotic’ episodes … Continue reading

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Cherish Moments

How many of us take our lives for granted?  Too many.  We forget to cherish those around us, and some of us certainly neglect our own lives; hence the smoking, drinking, poor diets, and lack of exercise.  We assume that … Continue reading

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Bora Bora

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Off To Bora Bora

With the whole family, minus J :(.  Dad had wanted to experience staying in an over-water bungalow, and had entertained the idea of vacationing somewhere in Indonesia/Malaysia, where the water leaves much to be desired.  I suggested for the best … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day

The last time I made cards for mom and dad was back in high school.  After moving out of the house, there was never an opportunity to make cards for either one of them.  Since they’re here with us this … Continue reading

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Vegetable Garden

J wanted to grow his own vegetables but didn’t have the time.  Since mom and dad were staying with us for a few weeks he suspected that dad would be willing to take over the project.  So for the last … Continue reading

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Training Begins

Marathon training begins this week.  Actually, last week was the first week, but we missed it as we barely just signed up for the race.  Training may not be as ideal since we’re running on the soccer field weekday mornings. … Continue reading

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J&I have finally registered for the Marathon du Medoc.  This is unlike any other marathon.  In addition to water stations, there’s wine, oysters, ham, ice cream along the way.  This is more of a ‘fun’ marathon, and people are encouraged … Continue reading

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