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Nude It Is

One of the worst feelings ever is to have all your hopes and dreams dashed.  That applies to all aspects in life – dream school, dream boy, dream job, and of course dream shoes.  Having ordered a pair of shoes, … Continue reading

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Shoe Month

October is shoe month – buying shoes that is. The internet is a very useful tool.  However, it can pose significant damage to the wallet when one starts using the internet to shop.  The reason why I’ve started ‘poking’ around online … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution

No more shoe buying (aside from running shoes because those are necessities) for the year!  After yesterday’s post, I ended up succumbing to temptation.  This is one reason why I should not stay at home in front of the computer. … Continue reading

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Buyer’s Remorse

I used to get those, but not so much lately, as most purchases nowadays are for necessities.  However, for the occasional ‘slip up’, I no longer get mad, I get even. In addition to my usual office hours, the group … Continue reading

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Lethal Combination

For the past 2 months I’ve been putting in 10-hour workdays.  However, I do get thursday afternoons as my ‘administrative time’, and since I’m so efficient at getting things done, I essentially have the afternoon off.  J’s been working longer … Continue reading

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New Balance Forever

I am retail companies’ biggest headache.  I buy what’s good for my bottom line, not theirs.  There’s no such thing as brand loyalty.  If you look at my running apparel it’s a free for all.  I buy what’s on sale. … Continue reading

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Mid-foot vs. Heel Striking

There’s been a lot of discussion over running forms in the last few years, especially after the bare-foot running craze started to take hold.  The most recent Runners World issue features an article debating whether running form matters.  You have … Continue reading

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