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The Final Touches

We got the last set of plants for the planters flanking the doorway… and our patio heater delivered… Now this “B&B” is ready for winter guests.

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Pallet Tool Organizer

We ended up with a couple of pallets from deliveries we got in the last few weeks.  Instead of throwing the pallets away I wanted to repurpose it.  After looking online for ideas I decided that using it as a … Continue reading

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Egyptian Papyrus is In

The alcove outside the second bedroom is pretty small.  Instead of cluttering the space with furniture or fountains, we decided to decorate the space with a colorful planter and a dramatic looking plant. On to the next project…  

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J makes killer BBQ ribs, but his grill leaves much to be desired.  Since he refuses to get a new grill, I took things into my own hands. I gave it just a little touch of color.

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Allocation Of Blame

Here’s what the xray showed last night. The doctor was nice enough to send us home with a souvenir AKA reminder… I told my coworkers that 90% was “daddy’s” fault, and 10% was the indiscriminate eater’s, yet I end up … Continue reading

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Expensive Lesson

J has the habit of not putting things away.  He was sewing the patch on his jiu jitsu gi last night and left the needle on the spool, which he left on the coffee table.  This evening Truffalo decided it … Continue reading

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Now that we have a month-long break before the next set of guests arrive, we started back up with the DIY deck renovations.  The walls have finally been painted and the details attended to. Before – The puke green retaining … Continue reading

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