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New Site

As I’ve reached my media limit for this site, I’ll be transitioning to the new site Stay tuned for updates from our Africa trip!

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Boston Marathon 2017

Pre-race – Unlike my first Boston prep, this one felt surprisingly easy – I used the same training plan for both races.  Granted I missed training sessions here and there due to laziness – if I felt a slight twinge … Continue reading

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One of my intentions for this trip was to pick up a painting from Ubud, but that wasn’t to be.  We were limited by time – traveling in traffic from Tanjung Benoa to Ubud ate into precious time, and the heat … Continue reading

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Gunung Kawi

Despite how hot Bali was, we still decided to venture out to check out the island.  We booked a tour through the hotel, and one of the first stops was Gunung Kawi.  We didn’t know what to expect, but we … Continue reading

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Snake Skin Fruit

On our first day in Bali we came across a fruit we’d never seen before – the snake skin fruit. Also called the Salak. The inside is white.  Texture is crunchy, and tastes like very mild melon/pear/apple.

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Grand Mirage in Bali

Mom wanted to go on an all-inclusive trip to Bali.  At this point, we all knew that this trip will never surpass the Cozumel trip, but we obliged. It was pretty warm (86F) in Taiwan early November, but nothing prepared … Continue reading

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Benchmark Trip

Cozumel – the trip that all other trips are measured against. The year was 2002.  It was the first trip we’d brought mom and dad on.  Mind you, it’s not the first trip we’d been on as a family – mom and … Continue reading

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Taiwanese Food

Following the Pingxi trip, I came down with the flu/cold.  I was basically down for the count for the next 2 days.  Got a chance to catch up on some sleep and lounge about the house with mom watching Kdrama while … Continue reading

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Lonely Planet – Taiwan

So having lived in Taiwan for practically all their lives, one would think my parents know where the sights & food are, and where the fun can be had. No. They live like hermits, and don’t venture much out of their comfort … Continue reading

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Mom & Dad Still Think I’m 12

Let me count the days.  A hundred and twenty.  That’s how many days it’s been since I last blogged.  Blamed it on laziness and the fact that our lives are just so vanilla bland.  However, I’ll take vanilla bland over chunky-monkey … Continue reading

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