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Got The Keys!

After one delay following another, we finally got the keys to the house this afternoon.  J drove to the house after work to drop off a few items.  He seems to be much more excited about this place than any … Continue reading

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Mocha and Truffalo can’t be more different in their ‘dogginalities’.  Mocha is considerate, while Truffalo is oblivious to everyone else around him; Mocha is not ‘in your face’, whereas Truffalo is.  J and I were observing how when the water … Continue reading

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As I Was Saying…

The seller’s second bank couldn’t get their act together, so the closing’s been delayed for another week.  L 1: J 0…

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Calm Before The Storm

Closing is this Wednesday, and the plan is to slowly move everything over the course of 2-4 weeks since we technically still have the rental until the end of April.  However, J has already suggested that I list everything we … Continue reading

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“At Last”

Today we lost one of the most soulful singers, Etta James; and one of her most famous songs speaks volumes to me… Having ‘pined’ over J for 10 years, he is mine at last…

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The Resident Fashionista

I was just lamenting how I don’t have pictures of J in his white flood water pants, when the ‘gift that keeps on giving’ presented me with this… Some of you may recognize this garb.  Yes, we wore this back … Continue reading

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Trust Well Placed

Saw the home yesterday and am very satisfied.  It was a good thing I trusted J enough to allow us to make an offer the same day it came back on the market, because the listing agent told us his … Continue reading

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Leap Of Faith

I finally get to go check out the house we’re purchasing for the first time today.  Yes, that’s right.  I’ve been signing documents to purchase a house that I have yet to see in person.  J has already checked out … Continue reading

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Landslides Be Damned

One week we’re concerned about landslide risk in Laguna Beach, and the next, a signed contract.  Closing is in 2 weeks.  This has to be about the fastest house purchasing process ever from start to finish.  Sure I’ve been whoring … Continue reading

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House Hunting

Now that I’ve decided to work another 10 years, J’s agreed that we can buy a place in Southern California.  With prices and interest rates dropping, now is probably a good time to buy a place close to the ocean. … Continue reading

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