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Search For Good Pizza

On my last trip back to NYC, I made sure I had some NYC pizza as you really can’t get decent NY-style pizza anywhere outside the city.  Elsewhere, you either have to settle for commercialized pizza (e.g., Domino’s, Pizza Hut, … Continue reading

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Down Music Memory Lane

I really should be studying, but instead I’m trolling through youtube looking for good music.  Music nowadays just doesn’t do it for me.  College day music was the best hands down.  If this makes me look like a dinosaur, so … Continue reading

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Laid Up

This getting old business is no joke.  I managed to injure my left leg after last week’s long run.  From my last experience I’ve learned not to push my luck, so I’ve stayed away from running and have missed 3 … Continue reading

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Italian At Home

We decided that we would eat in more often as eating out is getting to be more expensive these days.  Why the cost of eating out here in CA is comparable to that of NYC is beyond me.  I would … Continue reading

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You Know You’re Getting Old When…

Injuries are taking longer to heal. You can’t drink like a fish anymore. Greys are making their appearances more frequently (found J’s first one the other day). You’re  no longer carded while purchasing alcohol. You no longer care what you … Continue reading

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To Retire Or Not To Retire?

OK, so I’d been pre-occupied with the idea of early retirement over the last few years.  However, when I got a taste of ‘mini-retirement’ this past May, I realized that the grass is absolutely not greener on the other side. … Continue reading

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Riparian View

J&I are always going back and forth debating who knows more vocabulary, who’s grammatically correct, and who scored higher on the SAT eons ago. We drove by the street sign ‘Riparian View’ the other day. Me {reading out loud}: Riparian … Continue reading

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There’s been talk of ‘car-mageddon’ on the 405 when a 10-mile section of the highway will be closed for repair this month.  Luckily it doesn’t affect me at all as we are down here in OC, and not in LA. … Continue reading

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Financially Independent

What’s the best thing about being financially independent?  It’s not about spending yourself into oblivion, nor is it about retiring early.  It’s about not having to answer to yo mama. {Scene in Costco – a family ahead of us in … Continue reading

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Beach Season

July 4th weekend marks the beginning of beach season.  You read about people living inland (read, Riverside) waking up at 4am just so that they can get to the beach at 5:30AM to get a prime parking spot at the … Continue reading

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