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Mind Boggling

I love the internet for the simple fact that you can learn something new all the time. For example, I came across this time-lapsed video showing how a crab sheds its shell. First of all, it has never occurred to … Continue reading

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The Evil Empire

No, it’s not the NY Yankees nor Goldman Sachs.  It’s the warehouse we all can’t seem to hate – Costco.  What is it about Costco that some of us are so enamored with, that we willingly hand over our retirement … Continue reading

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Pink Lipstick

Lately, I have been somewhat neglectful with regard to this blog, because I’ve been too busy watching ‘Pink Lipstick’.  Now I’m back because I’ve ploughed through all 110 episodes that are currently uploaded, and now I how have to wait … Continue reading

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Killing Us One Double Down At A Time

Lately I’ve been running out of things to talk about on this blog, but luckily the brother-in-law introduced me to Friendly’s grilled cheese burgermelt.   Does this remind anyone of the KFC’s Double Down sandwich? Unfortunately, the grilled cheese burger … Continue reading

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‘Tis The Season

When the rattle snakes start making their appearances.  While heading to the bedroom, I saw Truffalo staring down something outside the sliding glass door in the living room.  I thought, “Now what?”  He’s always going crazy over everything – rabbits, … Continue reading

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P.F. Chang’s

SUCKS!  I’ve never been shy about my feeling’s towards over-priced, bastardized Chinese food, and P.F. Chang’s is the worst offender.  You honestly couldn’t pay me to eat their food.  So guess what I got in the mail today? A PFC … Continue reading

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Running Crazy

The general population looks at marathoners as a crazy bunch to begin with, “why would you pay money to torture yourself?”  Then you have the certifiably insane ones who would email the race director of an upcoming race (in six … Continue reading

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