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The Queen Is Home

Mocha seems to be doing well, and if you didn’t look closely you wouldn’t even know she had surgery.  When the doctors explained that they would need to use the inner lining of her lip to close off the resected … Continue reading

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Post Op Day 2

Mocha has touched down on planet earth.  Her doctor weaned her off the drip this morning, but because of her poor appetite the doctor decided to keep her another night for observation.  Thanks to her ‘poor appetite’, it is costing … Continue reading

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Post Op

Got a call from Mocha’s surgeon a few hours ago.  Mocha’s doing well post op, and probably in ‘la-la land’ thanks to her MLK drip (i.e., morphine, lidocaine, and ketamine).  She’ll stay overnight at the hospital, and depending on how … Continue reading

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Cleaning Marathon Begins

The kids’ grandparents will be arriving tomorrow at noon, which means for the next 18 hours J and I will have to get the house in order.  The floors need to be vacuumed & washed, the bathrooms & kitchen will … Continue reading

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Meet Mocha, My New Birkin Bag

Came across this article tonight, and thought, ‘what coincidence?’  Apparently, J and I aren’t the only ones who will spend bundles just to save their pets’ lives.  There are tons of others who want the latest and greatest medical care … Continue reading

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Blessing In Disguise

Brought Mocha to the oncologist today to have her lesion looked at.   We found this lesion last week after the dogs got into a fight, and I noticed a speck of blood on the tile.  When I flipped up … Continue reading

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80° + 50% Humidity

This is what awaited me when I ran out the door at 5 this morning.  How do you expect me to run under these conditions?  I’m OK with 80° with 0% humidity or 50° with 100% humidity, but 80 & … Continue reading

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The Male Brain

Is waaay too concrete.  You’d think that after having been married for 7 years, that the husband and wife can communicate telepathically.  Apparently, it’s easier to communicate telepathically with your dog than with your husband. {Last night, when I was … Continue reading

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Summer Running

It’s tough running during the summer time.  The temp is already in the 80s by 6AM when we head out the door.  Then on weekends I can’t even sleep in; on Sundays I have to wake up even earlier than … Continue reading

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Lazy Summer

Means lazy blogger.  Not much has been going on (aside from having finally booked our trip to Asia at the end of the year).  We keep looking up to the sky expectantly waiting for the first monsoon rain to grace … Continue reading

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