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Point Of No Return

Running has all the upsides associated with it, except for one thing.  Ugly feet.  My feet are so callused now that I’m becoming self conscious when I go to yoga class.  All the other girls, and some guys, have such … Continue reading

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Definitely Getting Older

The two of us went to Costco today because we needed to stock up on bagels, spaghetti, and gum.  We walked out of there with a bottle of 2005 Heitz Cellar Cab Sauv, frozen pizza, bagels, 2 bags of chips, … Continue reading

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Never In A Million Years

So now GM and Ford are trying to lure ‘frightened’ Toyota owners to trade in their Toyotas with $1000 incentives.  Some GM dealerships even have signs up saying “Our Accelerators Don’t Stick”.  Sure, your accelerators don’t stick, but your cars … Continue reading

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Be Afraid

Since I drive a tiny car, I’ve always been somewhat annoyed when I see, in my rear view mirror, a huge Hummer or F450 pickup truck barreling down towards me.  These are usually the obnoxious drivers trying to intimidate and … Continue reading

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You Know You’re Using The Laptop Too Much When…

You develop tendonitis of your index finger.  Was at work this morning and realized that the distal part of my right index finger was stiff, swollen, and tender.  I kept trying to figure out how I ended up with a … Continue reading

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The Power Of Kdrama

If you watch enough kdrama, you’ll invariably see scenes where the characters are drinking soju(燒酒)。I’ve always been curious what it must taste like; and thought it must be some good stuff because everyone’s drinking it and drinking themselves into oblivion. … Continue reading

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Coconut Is His Kryptonite

J LOVES chocolate chip cookies; not so much coconut.  So imagine the disappointment when he realized (after having opened the package) he had accidently bought chocolate chip cookies with coconut! He was pondering whether he could return the package while … Continue reading

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Change In Scenery

The recent storm that has battered the Western states has left some dusting in the area mountains.  The snow won’t last very long, as is the case in southern AZ. View of the Catalina mountains from our back yard.

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I Am Chop Liver

Spoke with the kids’ Aunt V (AKA Aunt Pushover) yesterday about their upcoming trip to AZ in March.  I was under the initial impression that she and my brother-in-law (known as Team Pushover, because they would let Mocha jump on … Continue reading

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Tea Eggs 茶葉蛋

I woke up one morning last week and said to J “I just dreamt about having tea eggs, lets make some tea eggs”.  Normally, all we could do is dream about it, but since Lee Lee ‘moved in’, dreams can … Continue reading

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