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Not Parent Material

It’s quite evident J & I do not have children.  I was washing the big heavy Calphalon stir fry pan the other day. Me {speaking to no one in particular}: My!  What BIG pan you are (in reference to ‘Little … Continue reading

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Weekend Project

The problem with surfing pinterest is that you end up with a gazillion things you want to try.  This week was spray painting pine cones.  Since there’s an abundance of those in our front yard I decided to give it … Continue reading

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B Cell Lymphoma

The good news is that Mocha has B Cell lymphoma, which carries a better prognosis than T Cell.  She’s into her 3rd week of chemo and doing much better.  Eating, drinking, and more energetic, but not really putting on any … Continue reading

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Engineer Husband

One of the other female providers in the office had just recently married an engineer, and we got to talking about how engineers make the best husbands.  From what I’ve observed in the last 10 years married to one, I … Continue reading

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Remember J got his new phone recently?  Well, he dropped it this morning. No worries, his boss got him an iShackle… Now he has to respond to work emails 24/7. The good news is that AMEX will be reimbursing him … Continue reading

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Old & Vain

This year is the big 4-0 for us, and we’re really starting to feel it.  You know you’re getting old when… You’re starting to have trouble driving at night.  All of a sudden you wonder if your headlights aren’t as … Continue reading

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Chemo Week 1

Mocha essentially refused to eat all last week, losing 10lbs (some of it was water weight), so the vet decided to start chemo before final cell differentiation came back.  Her first injection of Vincristine was yesterday, and I was quite … Continue reading

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Not sure if he’s camera shy, or knows that he guilty as charged.  Doubt it’s the latter.

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Steroids is everyone’s best friend.  It certainly is Mocha’s.  Her 3 legs were swollen like sausages yesterday, so I brought her back to the vet, and we decided to start her on prednisone for short term palliative care for presumed … Continue reading

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Our little frankenweiner is home.  She’s currently being treated for her leg infection, which they discovered after they shaved her left hind leg.  After a few rounds of IV antibiotics her lymph nodes seemed to have diminished a bit.  Hopefully … Continue reading

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