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Snow In Oro Valley

Our last winter here in Oro Valley and it finally snowed…

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My Loyal Running Partner

Now with J being away, Truff has been accompanying me on my regular runs.  The initial goal was to tire him out so he’d behave better, but I find myself enjoying his company.  He’s good at pacing me on our … Continue reading

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Liquid Diet

The last time I’ve successfully dieted was back in med school when I got myself looking gaunt and pale.  Since then, I’ve only entertained the idea of dieting on several occasions.  This time around though I am determined to stick … Continue reading

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My cooks Mom and dad are arriving tonight.  One always hears ‘you are what you eat’.  Well if that really is the case, then for the last few months I was a drunken chicken.  I’ve had so much Costco rotisserie chicken … Continue reading

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Ruined my day.  Actually, my dear sister ruined my day by notifying me that the BAA has lowered the qualifying times for Boston in 2013.  I now need to run 5 minutes faster in order to qualify.  HEY, I AM … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s

OMG, my husband actually remembered it was Valentine’s and sent me an email this morning.  Yes, all you gals receiving chocolates, flowers, and jewelry will never understand how exciting this is for me 😀  We are talking about a computer … Continue reading

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The other day on the phone… Me: So what am I getting for Valentine’s day? J: When’s Valentine’s? I guess that answers my question.

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Who’s Smarter Now?

I booted Truffalo out of the master bedroom a few weeks ago to try to re-establish the hierarchy.  The first few nights he would stay by the door and whine all night, but that behavior gradually stopped.  Now all’s peaceful … Continue reading

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Sticky Booger

That’s what J calls me because I’m stubborn, and I won’t give up until I get my way; but I’m not as stubborn as Hosni Mubarak!  The guy doesn’t get it!  After 17 days of protest, he still refuses to … Continue reading

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So I finally made it to 鼎泰豐 and I’ve decided, like I did 2 years ago in Singapore, that it was overrated.  Can someone just give me a good kick in the tush when I’m thinking about going there in … Continue reading

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