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Ignorance is Bliss?

Since qualifying for Boston, a lot of people have said they’ll see me in Boston. Hold your horses there. Boston entry isn’t what it used to be.  In the past, all you needed was to qualify and get a guaranteed … Continue reading

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Gotta Love Mom

Mom has always been a little harsh on us, or at least on me.  It was rare to hear any praises out of her mouth, but when she did praise me it sure meant a lot. When I told mom … Continue reading

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Post-Race Anxiety

I always get a little blue after a race.  After months of training and setting goals, followed by pre-race jitters and race day excitement, I’m often left with a sense of “now what?” after the race. To compound the problem, … Continue reading

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New Goals

OK, I remember “pouting” that I just want a BQ and don’t really care about actually running Boston, and that I just want to enjoy running races from now on without any stress. How quickly that has changed. The goal … Continue reading

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Third Time’s a Charm

I did it!  Not only did I qualify for Boston, I ran 4 minutes and 49 seconds faster than qualifying time.  I also shaved almost 6 minutes off my previous personal best in 2009.  Sure it took me 4 years … Continue reading

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As Promised

Uploaded a photo to Costco last night, went to pick up the frame during lunch time, picked up the photo after work, and voila!  

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Project #2

Now that the deck is done I’m looking for other things to do in the home.  Was going to clean and reorganize the garage, but that’s just not glamorous enough.  So moving on to the guest room… Back in NYC … Continue reading

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