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Taking It For Granted

How often do you hear NYers say they’ve never been to the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building?  Or Arizonans who have never been to the Grand Canyon?  We often take things that are within our reach for … Continue reading

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A Long Week

I was in NJ last week for a Board review course in preparation for my re-certification exam mid-October.  Instead of staying in the hotel in NJ where the review course was held, I hit up on M&D and stayed in … Continue reading

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Mid-foot vs. Heel Striking

There’s been a lot of discussion over running forms in the last few years, especially after the bare-foot running craze started to take hold.  The most recent Runners World issue features an article debating whether running form matters.  You have … Continue reading

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First Time Study Subjects

I’ve always wanted to participate in paid studies.  When I was younger, I had entertained donating my eggs to make some money, but didn’t as I was afraid they were going to remove my ovaries in the process.  As I … Continue reading

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Long Run On The Beach

I had been a little bummed that we hadn’t gone to the beach in the past month given how close we are to the shoreline, so J & I decided to drive to Huntington beach on a whim yesterday to … Continue reading

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Kong Treats

It took us 11 years to finally introduce the dogs to frozen kong treats (kong stuffed with peanut butter mixed with diced chicken jerky). Truffalo will cleverly brace the kong for better leverage, and go at it (never realized a … Continue reading

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Seven Miles

Got my long run up to 7 miles today, accompanied by J and Truffalo.  This has to be the longest distance Truff has ever run.  He was fading a little between miles 5 & 6, but quickly picked it back … Continue reading

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The Hunt For 牛肉麵

My favorite foods?  Steak and 牛肉麵.  Like V would always say, ‘妳跟牛有仇阿?’ During my trip to Taiwan, I would have 牛肉麵 at every opportunity.  Tucson obviously doesn’t have any so the move to CA was heaven in disguise.  Previously we’ve … Continue reading

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With all the free time these days I’ve been catching up on the kdramas and some reading.  Finally finished Ken Follet’s Fall of Giants and wondered where I was during World History in high school?  Did I even take World … Continue reading

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How’s that SS?

Went to Morton’s over the weekend for the usual birthday steak dinner.  J brought along a bottle of the Caymus 2008 Special Selection to ‘celebrate the occasion’ (I’m not so sure we were celebrating aging as much as J having … Continue reading

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