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I got an email message from a recruiter regarding a job position that pays twice what I’m getting now, with a sign on bonus.  The catch is, it’s located an hour and a half away from where we live.  I’m … Continue reading

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紐約一遊 – 負擔

朋友中不到一半有孩子。大部份的小孩都一到六,七歲。有一對夫婦有對非常可愛的雙胞胎。 小孩1歲半,活力大的不得了。 看到夫婦倆忙得手忙腳亂的我都累了。太太跟我說她忙得都沒有自己的空間跟時間,想要出去跑步都分不開身。另一對夫婦有個兩歲跟四歲的兒子。太太一直想要女兒, 我就問先生是不是還要生。他說絕對不可能。一個還好,兩個就覺得壓力大。再生一個就不得了了。想想J跟我決定不生小孩還真是萬幸。孩子是很大的負擔。特別是現在社會經濟情況不好,小孩未來會較難,搞不好到時40歲了還賴在家裡需要父母養 。反而覺得應該父母親要照顧好。當你有了孩子,根本就沒有時間跟精神好好照顧自己的父母。

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紐約一遊 – 國語

著一次去了紐約後,發現廣東朋友都把小孩送到中文學校學國語而不是學廣文。現在大家都認同國語的重要。我以前一直跟朋友說國語會比廣文重要, 他們當時還不相信。聽說越來越多外國人把小孩送到中國城的daycare學國語。不過光光在美國的中文學校學中文還是不夠的。有多少美國長大的小孩送到中文學校到最後都還是不會寫不會讀, 比如我親愛的老公。現在想想爸媽當時把我們帶到台灣送到普通小學給我們國語打基礎是很有先見之明的。

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紐約一遊 – Running

One other place I really wanted to revisit on this trip was Battery Park City.  BPC was our home for the latter 5 years in NYC.  Had NYC not become so oppressive in terms of taxes, crowds, and noise, we … Continue reading

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紐約一遊 – Feast

Aside from visiting family and friend, J & I were determined to get our share of good Chinese food.  What we have in AZ is PF Changs, AKA overpriced, bastardized-Chinese-food-only-Americans-who-think-fried-rice-is-Chinese-food-would-eat.  Naturally we were ecstatic to be back in the heart … Continue reading

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紐約一遊 – Luck

J & I took a short trip back to NYC to visit family and friends.  The trip started out with a bang Thursday night when I was caught speeding on our way to the airport.  I was apparently clocked at … Continue reading

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The Cricket Slayer

I am not fond of insects to say the least.  The worst offenders are the ‘fast moving’ ones.  Moths are the worst.  They send me weaving, ducking, and screaming out of the room, while J finds it terribly amusing.  Around … Continue reading

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