How To Get Your Dog To Take Medicine

How do you get your dog to take this?

If your dog is anything like Truffalo, the ‘indiscriminate eater’, then congratulations, because all you have to do is drop the medicine in the bowl and he/she will eat it without much prompting.  However, if your dog is like Mocha, then things can get a little hairy.  If you pour honey/sauce over the pills, she’ll just lick off the sauce and leave the pill there.  If you try to shove it down her gullet, she’ll spit everything right out.  If you want me to make meat balls so that I can shove the pill inside, forget it.  I don’t cook remember?  However, there is a way.  Pour a little bit of this…

Expired barbecue sauce...

Over the pill that’s perched on top of her food…

and you have a very satisfied dog owner.

Mocha’s none the wiser…

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