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Over The Hill

I’m officially over the hill.  It appears everyone else was more excited about my 40th than I was.  Gifts and cards started arriving last week. Emails and phone calls came in throughout the day and well into the night.  Woke … Continue reading

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S&B’s Last Day

Last day in LB was spent checking out Thousand Step Beach off 9th Ave in South Laguna. Walking along the beach made me wish that I had grown up and gone to school in SoCal instead of in Taiwan and … Continue reading

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A Trip To The Beach

Memorial day weekend officially kick-starts the beach season, so we brought everyone to the beaches to check out the scene. While HB was abuzz with crowds & activities, LB was stalked by photographers. Dinner was at Shin Sen Gumi – … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Weekend

Having friends over gave us the chance to check out places we would normally not bother.  One of those places being LA.  I can think of 2 deterrents – the traffic and the crowds.  Thankfully, S was doing all of … Continue reading

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Bit The Bullet

I finally had enough.  Coming home to a floor of fur on a daily basis was just too much. Plus friends are coming next week and we can’t be vacuuming every day when they’re here, so we went to our … Continue reading

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No Man Left Behind

The Powerball jackpot is now $600 million.  J’s office has a pool, and everyone’s been paying into it whether they really want to or not.  Of course J’s been contributing as he doesn’t want to be left behind in case … Continue reading

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Quick Update

Took a 2-month break from blogging due to competing commitments, i.e., work, dogs, running.  Work’s been crazy busy, and Mocha’s been going for her bi-monthly chemo treatments.  She’s doing well other than shedding like a buck fifty hooker.  Who said … Continue reading

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