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The Right Buttons

That is, knowing to ‘push’ the right buttons to get your husband to do your bidding.  There is no begging or pleading in this household because it doesn’t work.  Plus it’s too unbecoming.  There’s only ‘threatening’ and ‘piquing’ his interest. … Continue reading

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Made Our Own Light

The previous owner had a pendant light that we really liked, but it wasn’t part of the sale. So we thought, ‘No biggie, we’ll just buy one.’  It didn’t take us long to find it on Design Within Reach… Nice … Continue reading

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Old Dogs Can’t Jump

As Mocha’s approaching 12, we’re noticing that she’s more hesitant when it comes to jumping into the back of the car.  She used to be the first one in, but then we started noticing that we needed to do a … Continue reading

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Nightmare Commute

The new house is awesome, the commute brutal.  Prior to buying this place, we had ‘guestimated’ that it would take me 40 minutes tops to get to work.  However, this first week has dashed those expectations.  It’s more like 45 … Continue reading

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Preferred, Meet Premium

J & I recently applied for life insurance.  After getting the test results back, I was offered ‘premium’ rate, which according to the insurance agent only a handful of people qualify for this rate.  J, on the other hand, got … Continue reading

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All Moved In

J & I had been busy all weekend moving into our new place.  I woke up early saturday morning feeling sick, but couldn’t stay in bed as I had to pack up the kids to bring them to the new … Continue reading

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Sense Of Direction

Some people are born with a compass in their head, while others, you spin them around in place, they (mom and V) would be lost.  Most assume that men have great sense of direction, and women don’t.  J & I, … Continue reading

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Home Photos

By popular request (of one), here are some photos of the home interior sans furnishings. The previous owner did a really good job remodeling the house.  If left up to J & me to renovate, it’d be a disaster because … Continue reading

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