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Sonoita Winery

Who said you can’t have wineries in the middle of the desert.  Sonoita, located an hour south east of Tucson, proves that you can (though the wines leave much to be desired). Yes, these are grape vines. We got a … Continue reading

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Shaka Shave Ice

We made good on our promise, and treated ourselves to some Hawaiian shaved ice.  The owner is from Hawaii and recently moved to Tucson.  She gets her syrup from the same place the famous Matsumoto gets theirs. Mine: Root beer, lychee, … Continue reading

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Sleep Deprivation

It’s been a while since I’ve found a kdrama that’s been able to captivate me, and keep me up way past my bedtime.  I’ve recently stumbled upon this historical drama – 同伊 that has turned me into a neglectful wife … Continue reading

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Thirteen more days until race day.  Taper starts this week, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  My right instep and achilles have been giving me some problems during the last few runs, with intermittent soreness.  Luckily I’ve … Continue reading

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Partial Credit

So I still haven’t completely given up on the idea of cooking for J.  It just takes time and baby steps.  Yesterday, I (we) made sushi.  It took me an hour to cut the cucumber into strips (luckily no one … Continue reading

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El Tour De South Tucson

Having lived in Tucson for the last 4 years we never had the desire to visit places south of the U of A, mostly because South Tucson conjures up images of cholos and drive by shootings.  That is until the … Continue reading

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Re-thinking Wine

Heard this piece on NPR during my drive home – Chilean Wine Wins Blind Taste Test.  A recent blind tasting in NYC involving 70+ critics pitted some Chilean wines against well-known French and California wines (all 2006 vintage).  The results … Continue reading

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The Paradox Of Long Runs

The body is a perplexing thing.  After my longer runs (any distances over 12 miles) I am never hungry.  I come back, down 2 glasses of juice and I’m done.  For the rest of the day I eat very little … Continue reading

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The Power Of Mom (& Dad)

Briefly glanced through the headlines the other day and came across ‘Stressed? Calling Mom Helps, Study Says’.  I didn’t give it much thought at the time and kept scrolling down the list of headlines.  However, I can actually attest that … Continue reading

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It’s allergy season here in the desert.  All of us have luckily been spared, except for Truffalo.  His allergies were so bad last year that he scratched himself to the point where his ear tips were bleeding all over the … Continue reading

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