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How Old Is The Dog?

Ever since I got my new car, J’s been driving the Yaris to and from work.  Seriously, what other husband would make that kind of sacrifice for his wife?  If you’ve never been in a Yaris, you’re not missing much; … Continue reading

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Country Bumpkins

While J and I were at the car dealership, we suspect that the salesman thought we had just climbed out from under a rock.  We were in awe of the keyless entry on the A6.  We were confused as to … Continue reading

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Light Envy

As if you didn’t already know, I LOVE my little black Yaris.  It is the CUTEST thing on 4 wheels.  Yet, no one appreciates it.  Everyone has told me to get a new car, but I’ve hung on to it … Continue reading

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Summer Time = Crazy Traffic In Laguna Beach

I absolutely love the morning commute to work.  It seems all the locals are on vacation.  No one’s headed to work.  There’s no yellow school bus to make you come to a dead stop.  I’m ‘zipping’ through town in my … Continue reading

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Hallelujah For Internet

I’ve been without proper internet connection for the past week, and what a withdrawal that was.  Luckily, I had a good book (Ken Follet’s ‘World Without End’, which I had exchanged for at Bookman’s using my 12 store credits) to … Continue reading

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Never In A Million Years

So now GM and Ford are trying to lure ‘frightened’ Toyota owners to trade in their Toyotas with $1000 incentives.  Some GM dealerships even have signs up saying “Our Accelerators Don’t Stick”.  Sure, your accelerators don’t stick, but your cars … Continue reading

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Be Afraid

Since I drive a tiny car, I’ve always been somewhat annoyed when I see, in my rear view mirror, a huge Hummer or F450 pickup truck barreling down towards me.  These are usually the obnoxious drivers trying to intimidate and … Continue reading

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