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Plant Stand

So I recently got my Dwarf Cavendish banana tree delivered all the way from South Carolina – for some reason I didn’t think to get it here locally, go figure.  After being in the box for 5 days in transit … Continue reading

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Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Sharing my life with my husband is a beautiful thing, 99.99% of the time.  There is that 0.01% I wish I didn’t have to share – one side of our bedroom. There’s an armoire in the center that divides the space, and we each have one … Continue reading

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My Echeveria

Spring time is synonymous with planting.  When it’s sunny out, I just want to grow things.  As a brown thumb, I’ve been quite satisfied that I’ve managed to keep a few things alive around the house.  I’ve actually managed to … Continue reading

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Summer of Art

Do you believe where you live affects how you live?  Or are you simply drawn to a locale because of your pre-existing interest? After moving to Laguna Beach, J&I have learned to appreciate art more.  We were never terribly cultured … Continue reading

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Accent Table

After moving the chair from the bedroom to the living room, I ended up with a lone chair without an accent table.  Not a big deal if I’m just going to sit there with nothing in my hands, but how … Continue reading

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Another Stab

Laguna Beach has an art walk every first Thursday of the month.  Galleries are open late, and you can walk from one gallery to the next while sipping on wine, tasting cheese, and enjoying live entertainment.  In the 3 years … Continue reading

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A Little Secret

There are 2 stores in the world I love – Costco and Ikea.  I avoid grocery shopping, clothes shopping, and I only go to the mall when I absolutely have to.  I will buy everything online if I can.  However, … Continue reading

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