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On Second Thought…

Haven’t been updating my blog much as I’ve had to share the laptop with mom and dad, who are currently hooked on Giant. Plus, I’ve been busy traveling back and forth between Tucson and OC.  By the time I’ve ‘settled … Continue reading

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Sleep Deprived

I normally need at least 8 hours of beauty sleep a night.  In the last 2 days I’ve slept a total of 9 hours.  Why? This is the reason… This is by far one of the best Kdramas this year.

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Labor Day Weekend Marathon

If you have time to watch any kdrama, here’s one you should not miss… King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo It’s been a long time since I’ve cried so much from watching a kdrama, but trust me it’s not one … Continue reading

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If You Like Historical Drama

You might like “The Painter of the Wind”.  Only 20 episodes, not too long nor too short.   * Yes, it’s been a slow blogging month…

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Pink Lipstick

Lately, I have been somewhat neglectful with regard to this blog, because I’ve been too busy watching ‘Pink Lipstick’.  Now I’m back because I’ve ploughed through all 110 episodes that are currently uploaded, and now I how have to wait … Continue reading

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Sleep Deprivation

It’s been a while since I’ve found a kdrama that’s been able to captivate me, and keep me up way past my bedtime.  I’ve recently stumbled upon this historical drama – 同伊 that has turned me into a neglectful wife … Continue reading

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Too Much Free Time, But Who’s Complaining.

I must have nothing better to do with my time, but I finished this series in 3 days.  Here’s the OST of ‘The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry’…

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The Power Of Kdrama 2

Do not underestimate the power of Kdrama.  A while a ago I had gone out to buy a bottle of soju to try after watching everyone downing soju in these dramas.  A month ago I had mistakenly thought that I … Continue reading

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Rain Rain Everywhere

If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought that I was still living in NYC.  The unrelenting rain started last night and didn’t stop until this evening.  As a result, I missed my 12 mile run today.  There … Continue reading

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The Power Of Kdrama

If you watch enough kdrama, you’ll invariably see scenes where the characters are drinking soju(燒酒)。I’ve always been curious what it must taste like; and thought it must be some good stuff because everyone’s drinking it and drinking themselves into oblivion. … Continue reading

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