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Forethought Anyone?

The office decided to celebrate my birthday a month early as today was my last day at work.  I will sure miss the girls, but I’ll get to see everyone one more time as we’re having lunch on Saturday.  The … Continue reading

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No Hills!

My achilles tedonitis had been slowly healing in the last few months; that was until I started adding hill running 2 weeks ago.  Not quite back to square one, but if I continue with the hills I will be soon. … Continue reading

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It’s not until you start packing do you realized how much $#!% you’ve accumulated over the years.  Why do I still have text books dating back to college, or notes from medical school, and why do I have both mine … Continue reading

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Seven More Days…

Of work in Tucson.  Three more weeks and we’ll be out of AZ.  It’s been a good 5 years here in Oro Valley and I will sure miss a lot of things: Oro Valley – a beautiful, peaceful, and neighborly … Continue reading

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Happy 11th!

No cakes or cookies for her birthday, but Mocha did get to have her frisbee for the entire day.  The frisbee is usually put away before it gets chewed into pieces.

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I came up with a brilliant, albeit not original, idea just now. Me: I was thinking, instead of buying Costco chicken every week I’ll use that money to buy Costco stocks. J: What are you going to eat then?  The … Continue reading

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Logical Reasoning

How do you convince your husband to give you what you want?  For some women, begging, pleading, bribing, etc will work.  However, when you’re married to a computer programmer, you have to appeal to his logical side.  You have to … Continue reading

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Bad Influence

Am I the black sheep of the family?  You better believe it.  I didn’t get straight As in high school nor did I get an Ivy league education.  I do the bare minimum to get by in life relying on … Continue reading

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