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Napa Valley

One good thing about living in a “world of two” (plus flexible work schedules) is that we can plan trips on a whim.  Two weeks ago J proposed taking a road trip out of the blue.  We were debating between … Continue reading

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Marathon du Medoc Race Report

Race day!  So here’s the thing about this particular marathon.  It’s not a race where one would try to get a personal best (one is obviously not taking the race seriously when running in a costume and carrying a camera). … Continue reading

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Arts & Crafts

Since moving to our new home, I’ve been trying to decorate the place without breaking the bank.  Ever since I finished the lights, I’ve been looking for things to make.  My most recent project is the ‘wine cork board’.  J … Continue reading

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What Does Christmas Mean To Us?

An extra day to sleep in late and take care of what needs to be taken care of.  While everyone is busy getting ready for Christmas, J&I have finally found time from our busy schedules to do a thorough cleaning … Continue reading

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How’s that SS?

Went to Morton’s over the weekend for the usual birthday steak dinner.  J brought along a bottle of the Caymus 2008 Special Selection to ‘celebrate the occasion’ (I’m not so sure we were celebrating aging as much as J having … Continue reading

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My cooks Mom and dad are arriving tonight.  One always hears ‘you are what you eat’.  Well if that really is the case, then for the last few months I was a drunken chicken.  I’ve had so much Costco rotisserie chicken … Continue reading

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Costco Rotisserie Chicken

All truth be told, who needs a husband when you have Costco.  As good a cook J is, he has ALWAYS had trouble baking a satisfactory chicken.  His baked chicken are consistently undercooked, and always require a few more minutes … Continue reading

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The Evil Empire

No, it’s not the NY Yankees nor Goldman Sachs.  It’s the warehouse we all can’t seem to hate – Costco.  What is it about Costco that some of us are so enamored with, that we willingly hand over our retirement … Continue reading

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‘Tis The Season

When the rattle snakes start making their appearances.  While heading to the bedroom, I saw Truffalo staring down something outside the sliding glass door in the living room.  I thought, “Now what?”  He’s always going crazy over everything – rabbits, … Continue reading

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Survived Memorial Day

The kids’ aunt V survived Memorial Day by being blessed with a light shift at the hospital.  One of her friends survived through a week confined on a boat (read: cruise) with his family, and I lived through the indignity … Continue reading

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