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Napa Valley

One good thing about living in a “world of two” (plus flexible work schedules) is that we can plan trips on a whim.  Two weeks ago J proposed taking a road trip out of the blue.  We were debating between … Continue reading

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Lacking Motivation

How quickly the mind changes, especially mine.  One minute I’m gun-ho about a half marathon in May, and another full in October.  Now, the half marathon training is starting off on a bad note.  I’ve already missed 2 runs this … Continue reading

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Country Bumpkins

While J and I were at the car dealership, we suspect that the salesman thought we had just climbed out from under a rock.  We were in awe of the keyless entry on the A6.  We were confused as to … Continue reading

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Light Envy

As if you didn’t already know, I LOVE my little black Yaris.  It is the CUTEST thing on 4 wheels.  Yet, no one appreciates it.  Everyone has told me to get a new car, but I’ve hung on to it … Continue reading

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