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Nouveau Map Of The Middle East

I know this picture has been circulating all over the internet today, and I know this was from 2 years ago when Fox was talking about Iraq.  I just want this picture on my blog as a ‘keepsake’, just because … Continue reading

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Will I Ever See The Pyramid?

I have tried to refrain from blogging about news or current events as this is more or less a personal journal as opposed to a historical chronicle.  However, I should mention that my dreams of seeing the pyramid is again … Continue reading

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Let It Snow

Here’s a pic for those of you buried in gazillion inches of snow… Although I wish it would snow just once here, so that Mocha can romp around in the snow like she’d used to back in NYC.

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What I Won’t Miss

Oro Valley has served as our refuge for the last 5 years.  We love the peacefulness and beauty of the area, as well as the courteousness of the people.  These we will miss.  However, one thing we most certainly won’t … Continue reading

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Asian Desserts

One thing I love about Asian food is the dessert.  American desserts still reign supreme (e.g., NY cheesecake, Mississippi mud pie, key lime pie, banana split topped with whipped cream), however, after you’re done eating your dessert you feel as … Continue reading

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Ranks Re-established

In the last few months we have noticed Truffalo to be rather mean towards Mocha, growling and picking fights.  We just brushed it off as him being a jerk and would outgrow it.  That is until recent unpleasant events, and … Continue reading

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Getting Back To Running…Again…

Since my last run on 12/12 of last year, I have not bothered to get back into any kind of running routine for various reasons (e.g, the recalcitrant tendonitis, lingering month-long upper respiratory infection that I got in Asia, and … Continue reading

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So I’ve ‘verbally’ submitted my 90-day notice to admin, which means my last day of work here in Tucson will be the end of April.  I’m excited to move, but am in no rush to find another position in CA. … Continue reading

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Beautiful Ko Phi Phi

Let’s revisit the beautiful Ko Phi Phi.  Here’s a view of the ocean in front of the hotel. Tranquility occasionally disrupted by the long tails…

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Costco Rotisserie Chicken

All truth be told, who needs a husband when you have Costco.  As good a cook J is, he has ALWAYS had trouble baking a satisfactory chicken.  His baked chicken are consistently undercooked, and always require a few more minutes … Continue reading

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