We Saw Kobe

As in Kobe Bryant.  I met up with J for lunch at Nordstrom Cafe Bistro across the street from his workplace.  As our meal was wrapping up, I noticed J staring at ‘something’ behind me.

Me: What are you looking at?

J:  There’s a tall black guy…

Me: and?

J: Looks like a basketball player.

Me {turning around and without thinking}: oh, it’s Kobe Bryant.

OK, the reason why I said it was Kobe Bryant was because I’ve read that he lives in the Newport Coast area, and plus, I don’t know any other basketball players’ names aside from Lebron James, who’s obviously in Miami.

As we were walking out the cafe, I tried to play it cool by not looking in his direction, but I knew otherwise, as 2 minutes earlier I was trying to convince J to have Kobe sign our receipt.

Me {all excited}: Ooooh, have him sign our receipt.

J: No.  I don’t care.

Sure you don’t care, that’s why you were staring in the first place.  I could have ebayed that receipt…

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2 Responses to We Saw Kobe

  1. me says:

    did anyone else notice him too? did they ask for his autograph? i would’ve!

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