A Stress-Free Life

It hasn’t even been 6 months and we’ve already met up with one of J’s college friends, and one of mine is coming to visit in a few months.  When we were living in AZ, no one wanted to come out.  We were lucky to have one visitor a year.

Last night we had dinner with J’s friend who was in town for work, and he kept talking about work travel-related stress, worries related to child-rearing, and how old he feels even though we’re the same age.  The dude did look worn down, and as I was looking from him to J, I couldn’t help but notice how much younger and rested J looked.  Throughout dinner I kept thinking how lucky we were to structure our lives to purposely minimize stress, starting from the decision of not having any children.  Some would call us selfish, and it may very well be, but we’re sure happier to be able to sleep in on weekends, not feel obligated to take the BS at work in order to maintain job security, feel free to do whatever we want on a whim, and spend quality time with each other.

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2 Responses to A Stress-Free Life

  1. SY says:

    Amen to that!

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