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I’m Ready To Move

With all the complaining I’ve done about CA over the last 2 weeks, you’d think I’d be happy being home.  However, this time around, I am so ready to move.  Not because I want to move to CA, it’s because … Continue reading

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Moving Again

The thing about our marriage is that there’s equal giving and taking.  J does all the cooking and I do all the packing.  J decided that a 90-minute commute (one way) is insane, which I wholeheartedly agree, but Californians don’t … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving In LA

J and I have not spent Thanksgiving at home since 2006, so our last turkey meal was probably around then.  We generally like to take our overseas trip around this time of year because you have less of the American … Continue reading

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Newport Beach

Here are some pictures J took of Newport Beach.  Looks better than NYC beaches, but far from the white sands in the Caribbean or Asia Pacific.  Hey, sure beats no beach here in AZ.  However, the sad part is whether … Continue reading

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Hyatt Regency SFO

While in SF this past weekend we stayed at the Hyatt Regency SFO in Burlingame.  Since I had no desire to drive in downtown SF and I wanted a place close to the airport, I thought I’d give this hotel … Continue reading

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I Love Costco

I’m sure J doesn’t necessarily love the fact that I love Costco.  Especially now that he doesn’t have ‘immediate veto power’.  In my defense, I did call him before I pressed the ‘Check Out’ button, but only got his voicemail. … Continue reading

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Traffic Mess

I would have never thought I’d say this, but ‘It’s nice to be back in AZ’.  After having driven in CA for the last few days, I’ve declared coastal CA to be a giant traffic jam.  From San Francisco all … Continue reading

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I’m Growing A Third Head As I’m Typing This…

J & I were excited to have the opportunity to move to CA.  Before accepting the job, he had read something about Irvine sitting atop a plume of toxic chemicals, but we didn’t think too much about it until we … Continue reading

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Why Men Need Women

Or at least ‘Why J needs me’.  For a very intelligent and capable guy, when it comes to packing J just can’t seem to focus.  He’s like a kid with ADD, going from one task to another and not able … Continue reading

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In order to get ready for J’s new job, we spent most of today running errands and shopping for J’s new wardrobe.  Much to his chagrin, J now has to wear suits and ties to work.  In the past few … Continue reading

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