What Part Of ‘STOP’ Do You Not Understand?

With a month off between jobs I finally have the luxury of doing absolutely nothing for a change.  I have not had this much time off since graduating med school.  Too bad J’s putting in 10 hours a day, otherwise we’d be using this opportunity to travel.  So what do I do with all this free time?  Since shopping’s not my cup of tea, and I can only log so many miles/week before the achilles start to act up, I’m pretty much cooped up at home catching up on my Kdrama and some reading.  I end up spending a good bulk of my time sitting at the dining table with a view of the street people watching.  In front of our apt is an intersection with a 4-way STOP sign, and it’s truly amazing what you see drivers do.  You do have the handful of law-abiding citizens coming to a full stop, and a great majority of ‘rolling stops’.  What gets me are the ones who blow right past the stop sign without even slowing down!

Stop, Arret, 停, Pare. Do we need to start putting up foreign language signs to ensure everyone understands what STOP means?

OK, if you don't understand the word STOP, you must understand the universal STOP sign that is used all over the world?

Maybe I should volunteer for CHP and start handing out tickets to violators.

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2 Responses to What Part Of ‘STOP’ Do You Not Understand?

  1. me says:

    sorry… but you kind of sound like a loser. hahahahhahaha

    • LY says:

      That’s what happens when you stay at home and do nothing. I’m turning into that old lady who witnesses the murder across the street. How’s Bangkok?

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