Hallelujah For Internet

I’ve been without proper internet connection for the past week, and what a withdrawal that was.  Luckily, I had a good book (Ken Follet’s ‘World Without End’, which I had exchanged for at Bookman’s using my 12 store credits) to help with the detox.  Now I’m back!

It had been a stressful week with all the moving and packing.  Luckily, mom and dad had been around to help pack/unpack, and keep me company.  If one didn’t know any better, one would not believe that dad’s approaching 70.  He easily made the 8-hour trip (with 3 brief bathroom breaks) from Tucson to Irvine, driving my little Yaris that has no cruise control.

So what do I think of CA so far?  It’s nicely manicured with plenty of walking trails, but I sure do miss home.  CA is more congested and there are people EVERYWHERE!  I know it sounds odd coming from someone who’s lived in NYC for a decade, but once you get used to the peace and quiet it’s hard to appreciate the crowds and traffic.  It’s also harder to adjust to a smaller living space.  We used to live in a 1000 sqft apt in NYC, but having lived in a 2300 sqft home for the last 5 years, a 1000 sqft apt (which is what we’re living in right now) now seems so claustrophobic cozy.

This is the view from the backyard of our Oro Valley home. Sure can't get this view now...

Hopefully, CA will be temporary and in 3-5 years we’ll be in a bigger place where livestock outnumber humans.

Our next home...Cafayate, Argentina (that's the Andes in the background).

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3 Responses to Hallelujah For Internet

  1. Juin says:

    Y’all can move to Monowi, Nebraska, where the population is 1. Lots of peace and quiet there! 1,000 with two big dogs is quite cozy.

  2. me says:

    uhhh come here and see what i am living in. the whole apartment is like the living room at home.

    btw, now you know how joe and i felt in taiwan without internet. = 1

  3. LY says:

    J, we would if it weren’t so cold up there.
    A, that is why we will never be able to live in HK.

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