Settling In

J & I are slowly settling in to our new place.  Got my Newport Beach library card and, over the weekend, J put the ‘ghetto’ barbecue grill together.  It took 2 ‘bright’ minds, a failed google search on ‘how to put a Wal-mart grill together’, and almost an hour under the scorching sun.  Luckily, that hard work was not all for naught.

A yummy barbecue chicken meal.

Paired with a Torrontes we found at Costco. Torrontes is a grape grown mostly in Northern Argentina, where Cafayate is situated.

We also decided that we should start planting our own herbs again.  Instead of buying a small packet of basil for $1.49, we got the entire plant for $2.99 from Sprouts.

Yes, we could have bought the seeds and let it grow, but who has the time and patience?

Now we can have tomato, basil, and mozzarella anytime we want.

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