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Cinderella’s Stepsister

So I bought these shoes (see previous entry), and I’m having the darndest time getting my feet into them.  I’ve always bought 5 1/2 or 6 shoes, but it appears that my feet have gotten bigger!  This must be what … Continue reading

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To Party Or Not To Party…

OK, J’s not that excited about the company party.  He said that since they didn’t serve any steak last year (and therefore they most likely won’t this year), he’s not sure it’s worth the drive.  So we may not be … Continue reading

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Spotted Hyena 1, Wildebeest 0

Overall I’m not a very competitive person, much to mom’s chagrin.  Mom had always told me not to compare myself against the C student, but you know what, it’s just so much more uplifting that way than to compare against … Continue reading

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So Many Parties…So Little Time

It’s the company-holiday-party season again, but wouldn’t you know it, both J’s and mine are held on the exact same day.  His is at St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort & Spa in Dana Point, and mine is at one of the … Continue reading

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I’m Not A Baby Elephant

All runners know that the first rule of running along the road is to run against traffic.  This ensures that you can spot the car or bike that’s heading your way, and allows you to run to the side to … Continue reading

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Party Time!

Just finished my re-cert exam, and don’t ask me how it went because I’m just glad it’s O-V-A OVA!  Regardless of the outcome, it’s time to paaaarrrrttttyyy!  J&I are going to Flemings for steak and wine tonight, and then I’m … Continue reading

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Adult Conversation

I generally don’t like to talk about medicine outside of work.  So being married to a non-medical person is a huge relief; but when I do have a question about something I’m usually met with crazy, ridiculous responses. {I’m reading … Continue reading

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