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Light Like A Gazelle

While running with J this morning, we decided that I needed to lose another 5-10 lbs.  Actually, J decided that for me.  He explained that being lighter would help me run faster.  How diplomatic.  He managed to get me to … Continue reading

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Getting Paid To Run

Ever since J found the dollar bill on one of our runs, I started keeping my eyes glued to the ground.  Last week I found 2 pennies near one of the high schools.  This week I found 71 cents near … Continue reading

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Half Way Point

I’m at the half-way point of my marathon training, and I finally booked a hotel in San Diego last night – we’ll be staying at Se San Diego.  So far I’ve been injury free thanks to the twice-weekly yoga; and … Continue reading

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Spring Has Arrived

Actually it arrived 2 weeks ago (as soon as V&M left), and soon summer will start in Southern AZ.  The temperature has been forecasted to be in the mid-80s tomorrow.  All the flowers are in full bloom around the yard… … Continue reading

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Starvation Begins

For the next few months I will be a single woman.  Thanks to a game called ‘Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty’.  If you know anything about Starcraft, you’ll know that this is the long awaited sequel to ‘Starcraft’, which was … Continue reading

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Martial Arts

J recently signed up for aikido (合氣道) lessons.  For some time he had been thinking about picking back up judo (柔道) where he left it back in college, but for some reason, he ended up  with aikido lessons.  Go figure. … Continue reading

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Too Much Free Time, But Who’s Complaining.

I must have nothing better to do with my time, but I finished this series in 3 days.  Here’s the OST of ‘The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry’…

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