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Vero Amore

I’ve mentioned Vero Amore and their Neopolitan pizza a few times before on this blog, but never got a chance to put up any pictures.  Their pizzas are simple but very flavorful and fresh tasting.   J had the pizza Anima … Continue reading

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Getting Back Into Yoga

Ever since finishing the SD marathon, I’ve dropped yoga like a load of smelly laundry. Yoga for me is only a means to an end.  I don’t have the patience for it, and I get easily bored with the same … Continue reading

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For the past month Mocha’s been on soft food (most recently home cooked beef stew).  Since we’re strong believers of ‘tough love’, we’ve switched her back to Kirkland canned food, which she is not fond of.  In the beginning she’d walk … Continue reading

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The Chipmunks Rock!

You may or may not know who Ke$ha is.  I certainly didn’t until I heard her annoying song ‘Tick Tock’ on the radio a few weeks ago.  However, I must say the song’s actually not bad when the Chipmunks are … Continue reading

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The Biggest Fad of 2010

Call me a contrarian, a skeptic, or an omniscient, but I am calling the Vibram Fivefingers the biggest fad of 2010.  Mind you, I’m not calling it a hoax.  Some runner swear by it, saying how all their prior aches and … Continue reading

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This one’s for you over there in Asia.  I’ll bet it’s difficult to find decent pizza where you are… Magpie’s (short for Magnificent Pie): the best ‘American’ pizza in Tucson.  I would say it’s the 3rd best after Vero Amore, which … Continue reading

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Need To Go On A Diet

{Last night}J: Honey, are you losing weight?{This is J’s way of saying: Honey, it doesn’t look to me like you’re losing weight, are you eating too much?}The truth is when dinner is waiting on the table for you everyday after … Continue reading

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If You Like Historical Drama

You might like “The Painter of the Wind”.  Only 20 episodes, not too long nor too short.   * Yes, it’s been a slow blogging month…

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2010 Tucson Marathon Course

Just checked the Tucson Marathon website and found out that the 2010 course will revert back to the 2007 and 2008 course!  Thank you Pam Reed.  According to those who have run both the ’08 and ’09 races, the 2009 … Continue reading

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Fourth Canyon Trip

OK, this is my 4th Grand Canyon Trip in 4 years.  Most Arizonans born and raised here haven’t even set foot there once.  Call me an GC addict, but the truth is the only thing here in AZ that’s worth … Continue reading

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