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Buyer’s Remorse

I used to get those, but not so much lately, as most purchases nowadays are for necessities.  However, for the occasional ‘slip up’, I no longer get mad, I get even. In addition to my usual office hours, the group … Continue reading

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Lethal Combination

For the past 2 months I’ve been putting in 10-hour workdays.  However, I do get thursday afternoons as my ‘administrative time’, and since I’m so efficient at getting things done, I essentially have the afternoon off.  J’s been working longer … Continue reading

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Stay Home!

That’s my message to all the southern Californians who have taken this week off.  The highways are so much better without you guys.  My commute is 10-15 minutes faster without all of you crowding the roadways.  I don’t have to … Continue reading

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What Does Christmas Mean To Us?

An extra day to sleep in late and take care of what needs to be taken care of.  While everyone is busy getting ready for Christmas, J&I have finally found time from our busy schedules to do a thorough cleaning … Continue reading

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Trip To The Beach

We’ve been in CA for 7 months now, and live about 20 minutes from the Huntington dog beach, but never brought the dogs to the beach until today.  We finally realized that Truffalo doesn’t really care about anything else but … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary Everyone!

Eight years (9 years for some of you guys) is a long slog when it comes to certain settings such as boring schooling, grueling training, working in a unfulfilling job, or say, serving prison time; but when you’re having fun … Continue reading

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上個禮拜為小事跟老公打冷戰。心想給他時間思考過錯, 沒想到他死腦筋一打就打了一個禮拜的冷戰。我們也沒大聲吵架, 家裡靜靜的。沒想到影響到小佛爺的心情。它給我們拉了一個禮拜的肚子!  我們一和好,它肚子也沒事了。 唉呀, 天下哪有那麼敏感的狗呀?

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