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Country Hick

What has Arizona done to me?  I always believed you could take the girl out of the city, but not the city out of the girl.  Growing up I have always been the “LL Cool J” hip hop kind of … Continue reading

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Sign Of The Times

Brought the kids to Petco for their Bordatella shots today.  When we went 6 months ago we were the only customer there at the time.  Today, there were 10 other dogs and 2 cats waiting to get their shots.  I … Continue reading

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Pima County Fair

Went to the Pima county fair for the first time in 4 years we’ve been living here. Personally I have better ways to spend my sunday afternoon (e.g., taking a 2-hour nap, watching k-drama, surfing the net), but I obliged … Continue reading

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For the past few years, I’ve struggled to keep the 3 grey hairs in check.  Just in this past week, I discovered a total of 6 grey hairs.  A 100% increase!  How did that happen?  Don’t get me wrong, there’s … Continue reading

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For The Wine Lovers

Now is your chance.  Thanks to the recession, California wineries have stockpiles of wine they can’t sell.   The value of these [wines] is solely dependent upon being able to sell them, and these days, almost no one is buying. … Continue reading

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Ground Black Pepper

J sent me this link from the AP news: An australian publisher is reprinting 7,000 cookbooks over a recipe for pasta with “salt and freshly ground black people.” Penguin Group Australia’s head of publishing, Bob Sessions, acknowledged the proofreader for … Continue reading

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First Yasso Of The Year

Did my first set of Yasso this training season this morning, and my average time came out to be 3 minutes 36.5 seconds for each half mile.  Last year I was able to run it in 3 minutes and 35 … Continue reading

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