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The Life of the Childfree

Husband is at BJJ class, and I’m home with my coloring book and pencils – a glass of wine and Kpop in the background – wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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Napa Valley

One good thing about living in a “world of two” (plus flexible work schedules) is that we can plan trips on a whim.  Two weeks ago J proposed taking a road trip out of the blue.  We were debating between … Continue reading

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Not Parent Material

It’s quite evident J & I do not have children.  I was washing the big heavy Calphalon stir fry pan the other day. Me {speaking to no one in particular}: My!  What BIG pan you are (in reference to ‘Little … Continue reading

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Societal Expectations

Met an 85 year old patient today for the first time, and as we’re talking a little more, he decided to ask: 85 year old: Do you have any children? Me {as a matter of factly}: No children. 85 year … Continue reading

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A Long Week

I was in NJ last week for a Board review course in preparation for my re-certification exam mid-October.  Instead of staying in the hotel in NJ where the review course was held, I hit up on M&D and stayed in … Continue reading

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First Time Study Subjects

I’ve always wanted to participate in paid studies.  When I was younger, I had entertained donating my eggs to make some money, but didn’t as I was afraid they were going to remove my ovaries in the process.  As I … Continue reading

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A Stress-Free Life

It hasn’t even been 6 months and we’ve already met up with one of J’s college friends, and one of mine is coming to visit in a few months.  When we were living in AZ, no one wanted to come … Continue reading

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