Summer of Art

Do you believe where you live affects how you live?  Or are you simply drawn to a locale because of your pre-existing interest?

After moving to Laguna Beach, J&I have learned to appreciate art more.  We were never terribly cultured to begin with, and I’m not saying that we are now, but after moving to this little art colony in Southern California, we’ve started to pay more attention.  It took us 3 years living here to get excited about the annual art festival – in the past, all we saw was the traffic that the festival brought.

Now everywhere I turn, I’m checking out art.

There is a spot at Crystal Cove, Reef Point to be exact, where I always stretch after my runs.  It is my favorite spot.  In fact, I told J to spread my ashes there when the time comes.  I’ve always wanted a painting from that vantage point, and I’ve been looking at all the artists’ booths at the summer art festival hoping to find a painting of it.  There are landscapes galore, but no one seems to have what I’m looking for.

After yesterday’s run, I went to stretch and saw a guy painting plein air right where I always stretch!  The painting was nice.  Not detailed, but it captured the scenery perfectly.  Most importantly, it resonated with me.

As I was stretching, I was debating whether to approach him.  The internal debate went on for 12 minutes, and I finally got the courage to compliment him on his painting and ask him how long he had been painting.  The artist, Matt Beard, has been painting for 2 decades, owns a gallery up north in Eureka, and is currently traveling and painting along the California coast commissioned by people to paint from specific spots.  Crystal Cove was a place he just happened to stop by on his own to paint, which meant that particular piece wasn’t spoken for.

Here’s a video of the scenery taken a few months ago…

Here’s the painter’s rendition hanging in our foyer, and I get to see it everyday, whenever I want…Crystal Cove

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