My Echeveria

Spring time is synonymous with planting.  When it’s sunny out, I just want to grow things.  As a brown thumb, I’ve been quite satisfied that I’ve managed to keep a few things alive around the house.  I’ve actually managed to grow a papaya and lemon tree from seedlings.  Granted, both are extremely easy to grow.

Of course I’m very aware of my limits.  I am not delusional.  So I still stick to the cacti and succulents.  This past weekend, I bought myself a succulent after spotting the perfect little planter for it.

I used a pretty little old candle container as the planter.


(If you’ve never tried these candles, you must give it a go.  They smell amazing – even the noncommittal cheapskate agrees!)

Punch four holes (hammer and nail) on the bottom, plop in the succulent, and voila!

Use the lid on the bottom to catch excess water, and I’ve got a pretty little Echeveria parva in a pretty little container!  Oh my!

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1 Response to My Echeveria

  1. atkokosplace says:

    Very clever with repurposing the candle holder! Love the succulent. I love to grow things too. I’m not always successful but I do have fun trying! 🙂

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