Another Stab

Laguna Beach has an art walk every first Thursday of the month.  Galleries are open late, and you can walk from one gallery to the next while sipping on wine, tasting cheese, and enjoying live entertainment.  In the 3 years J&I have lived in Laguna Beach, we have never been to the art walk until this past week.  Oh, we’ve checked out various galleries in the area in the past few years, but never “binged” like this.  

There was one particular artist we both liked whose work stood out – hip and cartoonish.  The paintings were very simple – basically a colorful canvas with a ‘mini’ subject.  We, however, didn’t like the price – and the colors (bright pink and mint green) really didn’t match our decor.

I couldn’t get the paintings out of my mind and thought to myself, instead of spending thousands of dollars, I’d try to paint it myself.  Those of you who know me, know that my painting skills go as far as kindergarten art – painting the canvas with one color and imprinting leaves with contrasting colors.  My prior ‘works’ have already been tucked away behind the chair in the guest bedroom for some time now.  

With canvas I can paint over, all I needed was paint and an idea.

The colors needed to be bright, so I got sample size paint for yellow and orange for $1.42 each at Lowes.

I’ve always wanted art that had something to do with the dogs.  It was easy with Mocha, she was always about playing – chasing a ball/frisbee, or carrying a stick in her mouth.  When she was about 2 or 3 we had brought her hiking.  She found a huge stick somewhere and lugged it around.  She came upon a tree that bifurcated at the bottom and she couldn’t get past the tree thanks to the huge stick.  She kept going straight ahead and getting stuck.  It took her a few tries before she maneuvered the stick through the opening – funning thing was that she never thought to walk around the tree.

So I decided to paint her with the stick and that tree…

Truff is a completely different dog.  He doesn’t care to play.  He lives for food.  He’ll eat anything and everything.  We’ll often find him chewing on the neighbor’s overgrown bamboo leaves peeking through the fence.

Our very own tree trimmer…

I traced the figures with a pencil, and used what I had around the house – nail polish – to fill in the colors.  

At least, I’ve graduate from kindergarten art to middle school art.  Sure the artist’s versions are much nicer, but mine have a whole lot more meaning for me.

Both ‘paintings’ are now flanking the door to the master bathroom.


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2 Responses to Another Stab

  1. VY says:

    Now you have to paint kitties doing their daily thing… sleep and beg for food by the food bowl

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