Plant Stand

So I recently got my Dwarf Cavendish banana tree delivered all the way from South Carolina – for some reason I didn’t think to get it here locally, go figure.  After being in the box for 5 days in transit it looked a little beaten up.  The tree ended up losing 3 of the 5 leaves, luckily not all at once.  But with a little California sun, it’s starting to look pretty healthy.


It’s currently standing at about 3 feet right now, but once mature it can reach up to 8 feet tall.  My plan for this tree is to keep it indoors for decorative purposes – I need a big tree to fill the vertical space in the living room.  However, to keep it healthy it needs 6-8 hours of bright direct sunlight – no shortage of here in SoCal, which means I’ve had to shuttle it between the living room and backyard.

Ultimately, the tree is going to be too heavy for me to carry back and forth, so I decided I need a plant stand with wheels for easy transport.

Ikea has one.


I can easily pick one up for $6.99, but I thought I’d make my own out of materials we have lying around the house.

I found a piece of plywood in the garage.  While sawing it down to the desired size, I thought to myself ‘wish I had a table saw’.



Sanded the board down.

Secured the wheels that used to be part of the dog cage (which we no longer use) to the board.

Drilled a hole, and thread a string attached to a key chain for improved maneuverability.


String and key chain

Voila!  A plant stand with wheels!

close up

I can hook the string to the pot when not in use.

zoom out

Plant stand in action…

in action

Here’s the tree in the living room.  Can’t wait for this tree to get much bigger to fill the space.


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6 Responses to Plant Stand

  1. Juin says:

    Someone needs her own HGTV show!

  2. Arthur Pitera says:

    Genius! Have you considered a revolving door that can shuttle the plant between indoors and out? Or perhaps directing the sun indoors using mirrors.

  3. raastha says:

    Looks good. I come from a town where bananas are everywhere. My dad grows them and sells them if he fetches a good price. It’s nice to see it as a decorative plant……

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